Self-storage units are a great way to divide and organize your excess belongings. If you can afford the monthly charge, they are well worth the money for the convenience and peace of mind you’ll get in return. So is a self-storage unit the right choice for you and your family? As a top moving company in DC, we thought we could weigh in on the topic!

Whether you’re relocating to a smaller house or apartment, planning an extended vacation, or simply remodeling your home, here are several reasons why you should consider renting a storage unit. 

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Let’s say you think you might want to dispose of some excess furniture but aren’t quite ready to part with it. With a storage unit, you can keep the pieces safely out of the way for as long as you like, until you decide whether or not you can live without them. This is an excellent choice for people who have recently blended their families, for example in second marriages.

Empty Nest Syndrome

If you’re the parent of a recent college graduate who likely won’t be returning home to live, but might someday wish to reclaim the furniture from his or her childhood room, a storage unit is a great alternative. You can remodel the space any way you want, without having to dispose of those cherished memories.  


Some people’s work asks them to relocate to another city, in which case they might have to give up their rental home or apartment. If you’re moving a great distance away — or if your company is providing living quarters for your new post — then you’ll likely need to rent a storage unit to hold your belongings. Even if you’re simply subletting your apartment, it’s a good idea to remove your more personal and valuable items before allowing someone else to move in, mainly if you don’t know them well.


Couples who don’t have young children around are often unaware of the hazards posed by many everyday objects. Once there’s a baby on the way, they suddenly realize how many sharp edges and choking hazards are lying in wait. A storage unit will help you keep the more questionable pieces safely out of the way until the children are past the danger age.


You might think your belongings are safer at home, but consider these facts: there could be a fire, flooding, or burglary. If you have items you aren’t using, or that are taking up space in the garage or basement, consider moving them to a storage unit. They’ll be just as safe, if not more so, and you’ll lose the excess clutter. 

If you found yourself nodding in agreement with any of the above, then renting a self-storage unit is likely the right choice for you. Want a little help getting your things into the storage unit. With the help from some of the best movers DC has to offer, your belongings will be climate controlled in no time. Contact us today –

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