Relocating is one of the most stressful endeavors an individual or family can undertake – bumping a bulky couch around aimlessly with your spouse is bound to lead to an argument. You may even find yourself screaming at a friend over the washing machine. Even more significant is the possibility of sustaining an injury during the moving process.

You might hire movers to save considerable time and energy, but with the right DC furniture moving company, you are also investing in your physical and mental health. The best DC furniture movers will bring all of the equipment, transportation, and expertise. They can even take over furniture assembly, furniture arrangement, and moving heavy specialty items.

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Furniture Moving in DC

Hauling televisions, armoires, and everything in between is a challenge that can seem insurmountable. However, when you’ve moved it all hundreds of times, it’s no problem. Our Washington DC furniture movers come with the strength and strategy.

Do you need furniture moved around in your own home or an investment space? Do you plan to move locally or across the country? Some people are concerned about transporting large items like gun safes and pool tables. If you need more help with moving, packing, or storage, you can trust our DC moving companies to do a fantastic job.

In-Home Furniture Moving & Staging

Moving furniture is painful, exhausting, backbreaking labor. If you are renovating or selling your home, our DC furniture experts can move the furniture around for you. They can handle even oversized items – you tell them where things go, and they’ll work with you until you love the new look.

Local Furniture Moving in DC

If you’re relocating within the DC area, you don’t want just any moving company. Washington DC residents deserve real experts who are qualified, insured, and experienced – and of course, affordable. Our excellent furniture moving companies will tailor your moving experience, so it is precisely what you need.

Interstate and Cross Country Furniture Moves

Moving cross-country is not for the unprepared! It can be almost impossible for busy working individuals or families to add packing and moving to an already-full plate. You can focus on orchestrating your life while your Washington DC movers transport your belongings to your new home, damage-free.

Moving a Gun Safe

Your gun safe is a big part of home safety, but it can also be a danger to your home when you try to move it! A hefty safe may scratch floors or bang up doorways, but not if you hire the pros. Our DC furniture moving companies will bring the proper equipment like floor and wall protection and four-wheel dollies based on your safe’s weight.

Shipping a Single Piece of Furniture

What if you need to ship just one piece of furniture? Call us, and we will put you in touch with the furniture movers who can assist you with shipping. They know the ins and outs of furniture shipment and will help you keep the price tag as low as possible.

Couches and Sofas

Shoving sofas through doorways is no walk in the park. Our compassionate furniture moving companies know the tried-and-true and most efficient ways to relocate couches, beds, and more so you can get comfortable in your new home.

Specialty Items

What unique treasures make up your home? Kitchen appliances, exercise equipment, and hot tubs can be challenging to move, but anything is possible with the right experts. Our Washington DC furniture moving companies have relocated smart beds, oversized TVs, boats, cars, and more.

Office Furniture

Efficiency is critical if you’re changing up your office space. If you need to rearrange or move your office furniture, our movers have your back. They move heavy filing cabinets, computers, and more while avoiding delays, furniture loss, and damage.

Antiques and Vintage Furniture Pieces

If you have a perfect place in your new home for your nostalgic and valuable furniture items, we will help you get in touch with the antique moving experts. Your Washington DC furniture mover will pack the antiques properly, move them with great care, and place them where you’d like them in your new space.

Furniture Storage

Do you need temporary or long-term furniture storage solutions? We will find you a state-of-the-art storage facility that is the right size and in the optimal location for you. Our pros can even provide climate-controlled storage solutions to protect your investments best.

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Trust Our Furniture Moving Companies to Get the Job Done

Your Washington DC furniture moving company should be worth the cost. Through every step of your move, they should put your priorities first, treat you and your belongings with care, and bring all of the experience and equipment necessary for a smooth relocation.

  • Tools and Equipment: Most people don’t have furniture dollies, hand trucks, and elastic straps ready to go in their garage. Rounding up all of the equipment is an investment of time and money itself. Your DC furniture movers will do it all for you.
  • Protection for Your Home: Your professional furniture mover brings blankets, rug runners, and sheets to protect flooring. They have thick padding for corners and edges. Our movers understand the importance of maintaining your home’s value during the move, so they go above and beyond to protect stairs, narrow hallways, door jambs, and more.
  • Taking Apart and Disassembling Large Pieces: Moving can take weeks if you add up the time it takes to disassemble and assemble large pieces like daybeds and wall units. Disassembling your furniture may be necessary to fit them out of doorways, down hallways, and into the moving truck. Just name your bulky item, and our DC furniture movers know how to disassemble it safely!
  • Padding and Wrapping Furniture: Our furniture moving companies have the thickest, safest moving quilts and pads to protect your valuable furniture. Let the experts wrap the padding around your belongings and secure them with elastics, cord, or twine. Then sit back and relax, knowing all of your possessions will reach your new place safe and sound.
  • Delivery, Reassembly, and Arranging Furniture: Possibly even more frustrating that disassembling furniture is reassembling it correctly. You can customize your move to include delivery, reassembly, and arranging, so your moving experts won’t walk out the door until your home is in perfect working order!

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