Preparing for an out of state move? Whether you’re moving to start your dream job, moving home after graduation, or moving to be closer to your true love, a long distance move can be rough. In addition to all the normal pain points of moving, like packing up your entire house and finding a new place to live, there are additional complexities that come along with moving several hundred miles away.

To keep your upcoming move on track, here’s are some steps to follow to make your cross country relocation a success:

1. Think About Your Moving Budget

Before you pick up the phone and start calling around for moving quotes, take some time to contemplate your moving budget. How much can you afford to spend on your move? According the American Moving & Storage Association, the average long distance move is around $4300, which for most people, is a lot of money. If you’re one of the lucky few who is getting relocation compensation from your company, you probably aren’t as concerned with the price tag, but if you aren’t, think through your moving budget. Setting a budget now can keep costs from spiraling out of control later in the moving process.

2. Shop Around for Interstate Movers

Make sure you don’t just run with the first company you get a quote from. As with other major purchases, shopping around for a moving company is wise. Start by gathering at least three different moving quotes, comparing services across the companies you contact. For your own protection, you’ll want to make sure that any movers you’re considering are appropriately licensed and insured per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which regulates interstate moving. You can easily lookup a moving company’s registration and safety information through the FMCSA website prior to hiring. At Cheap Movers DC, we only pair you with long distance moving companies who are both licensed and insured, so your move is always protected.

3. Get A Jump Start On Packing

Once you’ve set a moving date and hired a mover, it’s time to get started with your packing! Moving experts recommend starting the packing process at least a month out. You can start by boxing up all your out of season or infrequently used items like Christmas decorations, serving platters, and summer/winter wardrobe. Starting your packing as early as possible will make things less chaotic as moving day approaches.

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