In addition to actually physically moving your stuff, there are so many other things to get done when you decide to move. Let us help you navigate the moving process to make it as seamless as possible. First, call to schedule a local Fairfax moving company, to ease the burden of moving day. Then, use our handy checklist to make sure you’ve got the rest of your bases covered. Make moving easy and get a free quote today!

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Our Moving Checklist

The entire moving process can take months to complete and has the potential to be extremely disruptive to your normal routines. To keep everything organized and on pace as you approach moving day, here is our handy moving checklist:

2 Months Out From Your Move:

  • Purge the House: Unless you’re moving unexpectedly at the last minute, you probably have a couple of months to think about your move before it actually happens. Take any spare time you must get rid of all your unnecessary clutter. Moving less means less moving expense and fewer headaches when you’re trying to organize your new home. Consider having a yard sale or giving your things to a local donation center (don’t forget to get your tax receipt).
  • Organize your files: Get all those essential documents like medical records, passports, school records, birth certificates, in one central place. Make sure these things go with you to your destination, so you can keep up with them during the entire moving process because they are just too important to risk them getting lost or damaged on the moving truck.
  • Shop for Quotes: Cheap Movers DC makes it easy to compare quotes from local movers. With one easy form, you can submit your moving information for moving companies to compete for your business. Once you find the one that works best with your budget and schedule, get your move booked!

1 Month Out From Your Move:

  • Touch base with Your Mover: If you don’t hear from your mover, call and firm up your moving plans.
  • Get moving supplies: Consider ordering used boxes and packing materials online. Not only will this cut down on your moving costs, but we’ll also give you a gold star for helping the environment!
  • Make plans for the kids and pets: Ask friends or family if they can help you out by keeping the kids and/or pets on moving day so they are one less thing you have to worry about.
  • Get to packing: Start packing seasonal or infrequently used items that you won’t need until after your move. You’ll thank yourself for getting an early start on the packing process. Make sure you clearly label the boxes to help you remember what all is inside.
  • Think about unpacking: Make the moving process easier on everyone, including your moving crew, by thinking through where you want everything at your final destination.

Moving Week!

  • Forward your mail: This can be done quickly and easily online through the US postal service. Forwarding lasts for 6 months, so make sure you notify everyone of your new address post-move. Let credit cards and banks know you’re moving so they can update their records.
  • Schedule Utilities: Make sure you schedule power shut-off at the old house and a service start-date at the new place. Think about returning things like your modem and cable box early so they don’t get lost in all of the chaos.
  • Take an Inventory: Make a list of everything you are passing off to the movers and have them sign it when they come to take your things. In the event anything gets misplaced, snapping a few pictures will help you with filing an insurance claim.
  • Schedule a cleaning service: Depending on your contract or lease terms, you may be obligated to clean your old house before the new tenants arrive. Think about scheduling a maid service to come after the movers have left to make it easier!


  • Unpack: Unless you hire us for our VIP packing and unpacking service, you’ll be unpacking on your own. As you unpack, try tackling one room at a time. Since food is essential, start with lining your kitchen shelves and unpacking all of your pots and pans. Once this room is done, the rest of the house will feel like a piece of cake. Keeping clutter at bay makes unpacking less overwhelming. As you unpack, break down boxes and clear packing materials from the space you’re working in.
  • Explore the neighborhood: Decompress by walking the neighborhood and getting involved in local activities and clubs. Congrats on completing your move!

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