Why store your stuff? Why NOT store your stuff? Moving is hard. Storing your stuff makes moving much, much easier by giving you a somewhere to keep everything while you transition from one home to the next.

How can using storage offered by a moving company help streamline the whole process? Our movers know how to get things from one place to another. If you can’t have your moving company take your things directly to your new home, let them store it securely and smartly while things work themselves out! Cheap Movers DC works with the District’s best moving companies who are experts in logistics. When you put things into storage before moving into a new home, it’s like moving twice. Use a moving company who can handle this job for you and save yourself the stress, sweat, and time!

Movers understand how much space things really take up and an honest moving company will not charge you more than necessary. They can get the right size space for your stuff, using no bigger a space than it needs, and store it compactly and safely, saving you tons of money, too.

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Clean And Secure Storage Facilities

Now, there are a lot of options out there; you’ll want to make sure of the following when selecting a storage facility:

  • Is it clean? No pests in site, free of trash on the ground, plenty of places to dispose trash? Clean lobby?
  • Are the premises secure? Do you trust the security level of the storage units (single or double lock)? Are there video surveillance cameras?
  • Can you get to your belongings twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week? Or are there limitations? (Life is unpredictable, you never know when you’ll need to get something from storage – 24-hour facilities are always a smarter option.)
  • Good range of sizes of spaces? We all have different things and different storage needs – don’t get too small a space for everything, but don’t overpay and get too big a space!
  • Are the rates reasonable? The cheapest rates in town may be a filthy, unsafe location, but everyone should be able to get safe, clean storage for a reasonable cost.

Many of our moving partners offer clean on-site storage solutions to help you find a convenient storage solution during your move. You can trust this storage to be clean, safe, and reasonably priced.

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Types Of Storage We Accommodate

Storage is much more than simply an empty space with a lock on the outside. There are numerous types of personal and commercial storage for various needs:

Residential Self-Storage: whether downsizing, moving, decluttering or making room for more, people sometimes need a place to put things for an indeterminate amount of time in a place free of outside weather. Residential self-storage can be exactly the space for this.

Furniture Storage: Sometimes a little more than walls and a roof are required for storing your furniture. Antique wood furniture, cloth or leather sofas, indoor tables – these kinds of furniture require some insulation and protection from outside temperatures or moisture.

Wine Storage: Wine storage requires climate control to stay drinkable. Cellar temperature is typically the ideal storing temperature, cooler than a normal room but not as cold as the average refrigerator. Typically, a smaller storage unit will suffice for storing your wine collection.

Fine Art Storage: Fine art requires optimum room temperature, dry air, and little to no light. Climate control is a must to protect the investment that is fine art.

Document Storage: Most paper documents are not as fussy as wine or fine art in their temperature and climate needs, but you do want to ensure that they stay free of moisture, are held securely, and would survive in the unlikely event of a fire. Document storage is as valuable as the documents themselves, so don’t underestimate the importance of a safe facility with a controlled environment.

Commercial or Office Storage: Moving offices? Here again it’s beneficial to use a moving company who offers self-storage. Let them take care of the heavy lifting and keep your furniture, documents, and other items safe while the move happens.

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