Moving can be simultaneously stressful, exciting, exhausting, and satisfying. But by the time you’ve packed up your worldly possessions and moved them into your new abode, there is one feeling that tends to override any others – a strong desire to be finished. Avoid the temptation to cut corners and fast forward the unpacking process, especially when it comes to unpacking your closet. After all, it’s likely that organizing your closet has been on your to-do list since long before your move. Moving is the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, and finally get your closet under control. With a little planning, you can combine unpacking your closet items with achieving the tidy, organized space of your dreams, and this will make feeling at home in your new residence that much easier.

Easy Unpacking Begins with Smart Packing

Effective problem solvers know that working backward from the desired outcome is a smart way to find solutions. So, begin by envisioning your new closet exactly how you would like it to be. Then, ask yourself what you need to do in the packing process to get to your desired outcome.

  • Do you need to get rid of clothing, shoes, and accessories that you rarely or never use? 
  • Do you need to get non-wardrobe items out of your closet and plan for somewhere else to store them?
  • Do you need to invest in a supply of better hangers, shelves, or storage components? 

Once you’ve assessed your situation, be decisive and act before you pack. When you’re exhausted, and it’s time to unpack into your new closet, you’ll be so glad you did.

Prep Your New Closet

Before you start to unpack everything that will live in your new closet, prepare the space to ensure it’s bright, clean and ready to receive your carefully organized and hopefully thinned out closet inventory.

  • Use a cleaning solution and hot water to wipe away dirt and dust. 
  • Add a fresh coat of paint if desired and permitted. 
  • Check to ensure that any lights, doors, and existing shelves are in good working order.
  • Set up any new shelves, hangers, racks or other storage components you’ve purchased.

A small investment of time prepping your new closet for unpacking will be well worth it.

Unpack Top to Bottom

Now that you’ve done everything necessary to plan and prep, it’s time to start unpacking! Start from the top so items lower down won’t become obstacles. Place things that you may use less often on higher shelves, and organize by like-items. Try to limit your closet to wardrobe-related items if possible.

Next, hang up your clothes. Organizing left to right by season is one idea. Or, you might prefer to organize by function, with work clothing together, casual clothing together, etc. Another option is to organize by color. Whatever you decide, do organize. You’ll make your life so much easier with a system. 

Finally, fill up any racks or storage components you’ve set up. These are great places for things like shoes and belts.

With just a little bit of planning and preparation, you can make unpacking your closet fun and easy while conquering closet chaos at the same time. Happy moving!

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