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Our priority is extending exceptional customer service at rates that make our customers happy!

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Our location in Alexandria, VA also serves the areas of Springfield, Rose Hill, Huntington, and Hybla Valley with both local and long distance moving needs.

With all of our years of experience in this business, we've learned a thing or two about having a great moving experience. Here are some of our best moving tips!:

  1. Always hire a professional: You should never just hire an unlicensed mover off of Craigslist in the name of saving some money. Not only are moving rates at Cheap Movers DC really reasonable, but our movers are all licensed and insured moving professionals, so your belongings are protected in the event of loss or damage.
  2. Don't move everything: Just because you've hung onto it for this long, doesn't mean it needs to move with you to your new house. Take some time purging your home of unused and unwanted things so there's less unnecessary junk to pack and unpack. Failing to do so makes settling into your new home even more overwhelming than it already is.
  3. Pack a box of essentials: Your first night at your new place, you'll likely just want to crash. Make sure you've packed a box of things you'll need that first night that you can get to quickly and easily. The last thing you'll feel like doing is tearing through your mountains of boxes in search of that one thing you just have to find. Think medicines, glasses, cell phone chargers, etc.
  4. Carry Your Valuables: Even though we are licensed and insured, there are some things that you're better off carrying yourself. Things do happen, and even if insurance covers the monetary value of a lost or damaged item, it can't replace the lost sentimental value.
  5. Keep pets and kids at bay: On moving day, please do everyone a favor and arrange for your kids and pets to be elsewhere. They often get underfoot and can cause a safety hazard to themselves and others.

As a local Alexandria moving company, we care about your move from start to finish. We strive to make your overall moving experience as great as it can be without charging ridiculous rates. Move with movers who care, and see the Cheap Movers DC difference!

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